WYCC Swim Team Volunteer Responsibilities

As a GPSA swim team WYCC is required to provide volunteer officials at every meet. It is important that all parents do their part for the team and their children. To level the amount of effort required by our volunteers, we require that each family work three to four meets. Below are job descriptions on what each official role is. You may also obtain additional information on-line at www.gpsaswimming.org. We are always looking to train new stroke and turn judges. GPSA provides a 2 hour training course for those interested in becoming certified as a stroke and turn judge. We will need people to sign-up for this training. The training course dates are listed on the calendar of events.

We plan to use Signup Genius this year for our meet volunteer officials – be on the lookout for the e-mail.

Thank you for your commitment to WYCC and the Sea Turtles! The success of our team depends on our parents' involvement!

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Stroke and Turn Judges

1. Stroke and Turn Judges shall operate at the ends of the pool, each monitoring only the swimmers in their assigned lanes. They shall ensure that the rules relating to the style of swimming, turns and finishes designated for the event are being observed.

2. Shall not attempt to determine the places achieved by the swimmers.

3. Must raise their hand with the palm open at the time of observing a rule infraction in order for the disqualification to be considered valid. They must fill out the DQ slip fully, which should then be given to the referee for verification.

Sweep Judges

1. Shall be co-located at the same side of the pool at the finish end by the Referee, where they have a clear view of all lanes and shall determine the place in which the swimmers finish.

2. Each judge shall determine independently in which place the swimmers finish.

3. Shall not be concerned with the legality of the finish.

4. If both sweep judges agree on the order of finish they shall record this order on the lane slips and submit them to the Referee.

5. If there is disagreement on the order of finish, the Referee will determine the official order of finish.


1. Verify that watches are running properly.

2. As the swimmers approach the starting platforms, the timer takes the lane slip and checks it to determine if the swimmer has the correct event and lane.

3. Position themselves at the finish end of the pool, over their assigned lanes and times the swimmers in their assigned lanes.

4. Start watch at the instant of observing the visual or audible starting signal .

5. Contact the standby timer immediately if help is needed.

6. Stops watch when the swimmer has finished the course.

7. Record the time on the lane slip after the race to hundredths of a second. Shall be responsible for verifying order of swimmers in relay events and notifying referee of any violations.

8. Stand by timer operates the backup watch and offers to time any lane whose timer's watch may have failed.

9. If two timers per lane are used, the average of the two times will be official.


1. Sit at the scorekeepers' table and record on the master score sheet the order of finish, times of each swimmer, and disqualifications, as noted on the lane slips, and maintain a running record of the score.

2. In the event of any questions regarding place, time, or disqualification for an event, or order of relays, he/she shall immediately notify the referee and wait for resolution.

3. Only the meet referee, the GPSA Representatives, the team's scorekeeper and the announcer shall have access to the score sheets after the meet has begun. Score sheets will remain at the scoring table.

4. After the meet has begun, the scorekeeper shall accept changes only in accordance with rules IX.C. and XIII.C.

5. All lane slips, including those with changes or substitutions, exhibition sheets will be retained and turned over to the home GPSA Representative along with the master score sheets at the end of the meet. One copy of the DQ slip should be given to the disqualified swimmer's team coach, and the other copy should remain with the affected lane slip.

Ribbon Writers

The ribbon writer sits at the scoring table and coordinates the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and participant ribbons for individual events and the 1st and 2nd place ribbons for relay events.


The runners stand behind the starting end of the pool and when the timers are finished with the lanes slips they run the lane slips to the scoring table.

GPSA Website—http://gpsaswimming.org

The website has additional information if you are interested!